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In Service Training for Health Care Professionals

Now enrolling for 2016/17 The Diploma in Health Services Management is one of our most popular programmes, running for over 20 years. Calling all health care workers, including administrators, doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiographers and physiotherapists. Continuous professional development is a core part of your careerer. Let us help you with your options. To talk to one of our advisers contact us now.

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About Westmoreland College

Dollard House

For over 15 years we have been providing quality courses to the local and international market.

Our focus is on small classes, quality tuition at a fair price. We believe in providing a comprehensive personal support service to all students whether it is to do with college life or a problem with a landlord or an employer.

Because we are part of the DSE Group, we can draw on over 42 years of experience in dealing with local and international markets, and with native and non-native speakers of English.

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